Native American Culture and Arts

Bernard and Jeanette Schmidt Gallery

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Native American cultures have inspired artists of all backgrounds for decades. People from different tribal affiliations create objects that reflect their cultural ideals, beliefs, and knowledge. The designs, materials, and techniques used in pottery, textiles, baskets, and other items show how strongly art forms relate to their culture of origin. Today, Native Americans continue making traditional art with materials found near them: wool for textiles, grasses for baskets, and various clays for pots. In addition, there are artists who express their heritage in painting or sculpture using modern art styles.

Throughout the past 150 years, European-American and other non-Native American artists have also been inspired to create Native American imagery, including members of the Taos Society of Artists, Cowboy Artists of America, among others. Artists produced works with historical accuracy or idealized imagery. Throughout this gallery, note the multiple interpretations and the stories they tell.

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